Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Big 7!!

Dax's 7th birthday was Wednesday, we celebrated with birthday pancakes, a birthday snack, birthday dinner and birthday cupcakes.  Yes, we love food :)
I made Dax a chalkboard sign while he was at school, this was him checking it out when he got off the bus.

Thumbs up!

Fishin' cupcakes for after dinner.

Grandpa & Grandma came over for dessert.  We sang Happy Birthday and dove right in!
{He will be having his friends over this weekend for a party}

Maverick is totally in to silly faces when I get the camera out. :)
Money!!  He's saving for a video game that mommy won't buy him, ha!

Gma, Gpa, & the gang

Grandpa & Grandma got him a baseball set, so we opened it up and started practicing... in the house, of course!

Obligatory family picture! 
My kids will thank me for all of the family pictures when their older, I'm totally sure of it :)

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